Tanks are fun, aren't they?

May I ask why tanks deal so much damage? For example, one R from a Cho'Gath will deal the same amount of damage if I fight for 10-12 seconds with a Tryndamere, Jax etc (any bruiser)..... Just by pressing a button, without any fear on how to go in, becuase he has knock-up, silence and slows. It's kinda crazy that we cannot secure drakes because a tanky Cho will go in 4 people, R drkae (which deals more damage than our jungler's smite) and leave. Do you need more examples? Garen's R as an execution, his Q+E, Malphite's Q+R, Nasus (I love this champ a bit more from the others), Ornn, Maoki and Dr. Mundo in general.... And ofc I am not talking when these champions build AD or AP. I am talking when they build fully tanky items.... Correct me if I am wrong but tanks are supposed to be on the front-line to absorb enemy damage. They are not supposed to go about 4K HP, tons of armor and magic resist, and still deal decent amounts of damage. It's pretty frustrating to be unable to win these games if you don't have a champion which deals true damage like Fiora or Vayne... Thank you!
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