I would rather play against AP Fizz than against AD Fizz

-Now Fizz is a bruiser that deals constant %HP damage between blade and his W -Before Fizz hit shark and you died -Now Fizz hits sharks and you die, or he doesn't and kills you with autos -If Fizz was caught out of position after using E he was dead -Now Fizz is a fucking bruiser so he will kill one with W autos and get away -Fizz didn't buy CDR before except a random DFG that he didn't need -Fizz now gets 40% CDR between masteries, lucidity boots and frozen heart -What does that mean? even less CD trollpoles than before -What no one wants? trollpoles -Now you can't fucking kill Fizz because he still has two dashes and now he's also tanky, and cuz CDR now he also can get away more times Now really, fuck AD Fizz, revert the changes, this shit is so damn frustrating to play against, and is hard to say that when AP Fizz existed before.
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