Vayne with tri-force?

I've just picked Vayne up so i'm pretty terrible with her at the moment but i'm really enjoying her. So any tips would be helpful. Anyway, i've been following guides on what to build for her and they all seem to follow the same items {{item:3153}} first item then {{item:3046}} I was wondering, since the changes to {{item:3078}} would this item be viable on Vayne? I'm currently queuing for top and bot lane and just spamming Vayne games to try and learn her. {{item:3078}} on top lane vayne might be good? The sheen proc is good on her including the mana. I've not had chance to try it yet but i'm waiting for the game where I can buy it as a second or third item. What do you guys think? Anyone tried it? Any other random builds you guys tried that are decent. Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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