Noob champions and overtuned noob champions

So over the 500+ hours I have in league I have always been easily killed by ones considered noob champions no matter what I play. The list of ones that come to mind are: - Master yi - Heimer Dinger - Garen (Not so much) - Darius - Veigar - Nasus These are the ones that come to mind. Master yi, true damage, hits like a truck, can go untargetable during his Q, can meditate and heal, ultimate makes him fast asf and gives him tons of attack speed. Melee vayne right here, will mow through everyone. There is literally no hard counter to him if anything. Heimerdinger, oh boy, sits there does nothing, gets gold, gets items, you walk up to cs and boom dead. Garen, true damage ult, silence on Q, W makes him stupidly tanky, E shreds you, passive makes him sit back and laugh at you while he heals under tower. Darius, Ultimate damage can be true damage, makes you bleed (built in ignite maybe a little weaker). Q hits like a truck if caught, E pulls you in making him shred your hp and W has a auto attack reset and empowered auto attack damage. Veigar, oh wait we got to the champions that dont have limits on the amount of stacks they can get which greatly increase there damage. Late game if he gets his trap around you and 1 hit off your dead. Playing mid lane, go in for a lil bit of farm trapped, jungler comes, dead. His stacks are broken if he builds it up should be capped. Nasus, if fed and gets loads of stacks will walk in your team like a tank and 1 shot every target with ease. Literally makes you walk like a turtle for a solid 5 seconds making easy ganks for his jungler = dead. I know I am complaining a lot but really, champions this easy to play should not be doing so much, some people actually put time into learning how to play a champion just to be killed instantly by a champion that clicks on you, its not fun, makes the game rather boring. Heres the main champions I play, Vayne Azir Yorick Talon Kassadin Sion
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