First thought of the new season changes?

Hey there! I hardly ever post here but I would like to know what other people's experience is so far with the changes? I know it's really early on still and people have to figure stuff out. (I just played 2 games so far and holy, i was confused!) My first reaction was; HOLY everything does SO MUCH dammage!! My usual tanky characters will be kind of useless I feel. I always enjoyed playing Tanks and offtanks but I feel like this wont work anymore and these characters will be on the down-low this season if things stay this way. Right now, i feel the game has become a bit "Who can blow the other person up first, and snowball out of controll". BUT! Like I said, its early on, have to get used to things and see where it goes from here. My first experiences have not been too positive thus far. Not becuase I lost my first 2 games (FeelsBadMan) but mostly because i felt like tanks no longer exist? I might just be over-reacting to my own crappy play these games. Tell me what you think?!
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