An in depth view of Galio

Hey guys, I made a thread earlier but can't find it. After playing with Galio again after the fix to his ult. I think it's safe to say he's finally.. not fixed. His laning is truly not a counterpick to AP's at all. why? Auto attacks. That's why. Before Galio get's his chalice he has zero capability to farm, because he is a melee attacked in a ranged world, with no gapcloser or build in sustain. (W doesn't count, as I said, he needs his chalice, also, the healing sucks lvl 1) This would be fine, but he simply is no threat as it stands to any type of player. Heck, you can put an ADC (lucian/ezreal) in midlane and he will run home crying, which makes him likely the ONLY AP champ to do so. His Q is extremely easy to dodge, never became this more clear to me than when I was laning against him. I always thought enemies just had godlike reflexed but you can relatively easily walk away from his Q with level 1 boots. So we have an AP champion with mana problems, no ranged attack for farming, an AoE CC ult that has the most counterplay of ANY ultimate in the game, and top it off his main poke has horrible cast speed. Maybe I suck, but I honestly think there's a reason he is never seen. Case in point: Leblanc became somewhat a problem recently. Did you see a surgense in the Galio picks? Nope. Why? He's shit even with his MR passive. Which again, makes him build MR when his ult is MADE out of people auto attacking you. Suggested fix: Make his E a dash that leaves a windtrail for allies. A dash that has a decent casting time, so you can cancel it with CC like Lissandra's dash. This would set him up for jungle ganks like Fiddlesticks, while still making Udyr and Braum (fu Braum) extreme hard counters. And most importantly, an escape. And most of all, make him more competitive in comparison to Amumu/Malphite/Sejuani/Sion any other CC tank in the game. Right now there is ZERO incentive to take Galio, even in a full AP enemy team. I believe that with only that change to E his earlier mentioned problems would balance out. Thoughts? TLDR: Give E a casted dash like Lissandra's that leaves a windtrail for allies. Fix everything, leave counterplay intact.

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