buff shen , or remove it

SHEN is weak , weak , weak , weak . how ''SHEN is a great dualist'' ?? just how , you need a master degree and 5years of practice in the champion to be able to dual and still wait for the opponent to make a mistake , this is stupid , so stupid , 20seconds cooldown on E , what a pity , he can die 10times in this time , W blocks autoattacks for 1,75 ,wow supper powerful , majority of champions deal damage with abilities , 1,75 seconds and tons of seconds cooldown , are you serious RIOT , I can beat a shen with any toplaner , FIORA , JAX , DARIUS , GAREN , CHO'GATH , GNAR , TEEMO ........ all of them can shredd two shens at once 10times before his cooldowns refresh , and still have 3seconds to run away from allies , this is such a pity RIOT , Really bad champion , unclimbable with , Unplayable in Ranked . his Q , just what is his Q , is it an ability , what is that slow? I mean give nasus an easy placable and strong slow , and give shen a so weak slow , and SOOOO HARD TO PLACE CORRECTLY , is he allways supposed to rotate around the running enemy to get his slow in ?? what is this skillshot . I feel like Q and E and W are one single ability because you can't use one of them without the others . this poor champion has almost no mobility , no tankiness , no damage , no crowd controll , only utility and hella loooong cooldowns , irelia can dash 40times towards shen while he is supposed to wait 20 seconds for his dash , alsoo the taunt is stupid , shen can't benefit from it alone , it is only viable when he collides with enemies are undertower , but IT is sooo easy to escape , like so easy . shen is really trash rn , so weak , so predictible , 0 skill , 0 damage , 0 everithing . the R shield is like a lux shield , the ally dies 10 times with that shield , it scales with AP ??? , what do you mean RIOT , shen AP is trash too , AD shen does 0damage , but AP shen does -10 damage , his only utility is to save an ally and die at his place because he has no escape no tankiness , really a full trash champion , where is the balance ? the champion is allways pushed to his tower , but he can't farm undertower ???? minions take a towershot but shen can't kill them ??? before lvl 9 tiamat solves it , bot tooo late , you can farm when you are 50minions behind and killed twice or more ???? come on RIOT , buff or rework or delete , but don't leave him like that . -_-{{champion:98}}
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