Who ever has Malphite in their team has a 80% likely hood of losing.

5 Games IN ROW there has been a Malphite in either of the team I been playing in. Who use the useless Comet keystone. They all do the exact same thing, afk farms to level 6, runs to towerdive the lane that wins the hardest and give up a free kill to the enemy team. Even Yi players thinks more than you people who play Malphite jungle in ranked atm. Stop doing it. It's not fun knowing whoever has the Malphite Jungle is gonna to lose the game. One out of the five games was a win, but not cause Malplite was the carry, but because Enemy jungler has been afk since lvl 1. The only way to freaking with is by having the enemy Jungler afk. Stop playing that useless champion already. I know he is really strong, but with idiots who constant play him for the first or second time in ranked cause he is "meta", stop doing it. It's Like watching a Bear trying out make up, in a gun store.
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