Why doesn't riot buff Annie mid?

Title. It's close to impossible to win your lane as Annie vs mages like Brand, Zyra etc. or assasins. she received little to no buffs in the mage update while other mages got crazy buffs and she is just too underpowered and I always die a lot with her. you can't approach anyone and you can't harass at all in lane without being outtraded because of your low range and unless very fed you can't burst anyone with your full combo. She needs at least a range buff to be equal to the other mages. Or maybe its just my fault and I do not play her properly? Because if I play passively I'm going to eventually get killed and lose my lane and have 0 dmg even if i farmed a lot, and if I want to be aggresive to ensure a lvl 6 kill I have to push a lot and get ganked 100% .
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