For all anyone lower than gold.

Hey guys, if you ever start thinking how awesome it must be to play in plat and how its awesome to be above gold or something, well... I have sad news for you bud... YOU'RE WRONG, Im in Plat 3 currently, just casually grinding, and it is literally the worst :D Now, i know its the same in every rank, BUT the major difference between bronze/silver and Gold/Diamond is that in B-S people dont know how to play and then troll/afk and so on, whereas people in G-D are good and i can see that, BUT the fact stands that people can play good and easily win games but they still troll/afk/flame/tilt and so on because they have the mentality of 5 year olds and literally throw games because they think that losing lane means losing the game and losing all hope in winning the game. You have to realise, people who get placed in middle elo get so goddamn bigheaded that they start thinking that the rest of the team is always gonna be bad and that they have to carry every game otherwise its lost. Like seriously, if you think gold - diamond is any good, youre wasting your time, its just as bad Bronze and Silver except the people who know how to play well lose the games on purpose with their trash mentaility.
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