Are there any noob-friendly junglers:

I've been playing this game for about 5 months and while I main support, I'd say I can do at least decent in all the other lanes as well (aka not go 0/8 within 15 minutes). But there's one role that I've been avoiding like the plague - jungling. It was because I've seen how most people treat their junglers and also because it seems to be by far the hardest role in the game to me. Which is why I need a little help. Are there any junglers that are easy to start learning the role with? I currently own a few champions who I think could work: {{champion:5}}, {{champion:19}}, whom I see quite frequently and some not exactly traditional ones who I think might work too, like {{champion:86}}, {{champion:75}} or {{champion:44}}. Are any of them good for beginners or should I just get someone else? Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated. {{summoner:30}}
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