Winning games by "trolling"

So recently i have picked up Ivern a fun and versatile champion. I play him in ranked solo/duo queue and my primary pick is Jungle secondary Support. I ended up getting support more often then jungle and was playing standard meta supports that are very reliant on the ADC. I recently thought let's just try something completely different. I knew i probably going to be flamed and reported a lot but i thought you know what let's give it a shot. I started playing Ivern support with smite leaving my ADC 1v2 most of the game to invade the enemies jungle. Guess what? It worked! I got several ADC's who were completely fine with it and picked a long range champion trying to stay alive and farm 1 v 2 whilst i was raiding the entire jungle of the enemy ganking top and mid 5-10 times within the first 10 minutes of the game. In several games i made enemy junglers rage quit and carried my mid and top laners with an overwhelming amount of ganks. I currently played this strategy in 7 ranked games and got an 100% win rate overall. TL:DR I think i found a way to "troll" games and win. (Started at Gold IV currently in promo's to gold II)
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