I know this is getting boring, but still... (Draft pick EUNE)

Really, whose idea was it to remove draft pick on eune, I've seen post it said something about being healthy... Healthy? Only healthy thing I see right now is leaving this game until draft pick is back... And why don't you just change blind pick to something like draft pick without bans, where people choose only one lane or if they want more than one... Like if I choose top I can't get anything but top. (If I choose top and mid, I can get both) If blind pick was really that much played it wouldn't be problem to find games this way too. (I am talking about this period without draft pick, not changing blind pick for good.) Really I am sick of: mid, mid, mid, mid, mid, i said mid first, no I said mid first, *instalock*, *instalock*, *adc with no support*, *top laner that plays top just because he wanted mid but 2 players were already fighting about it*, etc.
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