[Opinion thread] Did the new rune system "gimp" your off-meta picks?

Hey there, it's been a while since I posted. I've recently started maining teemo support, and to great success if I may add. That is, until runes reforged hit (check my history filtered to teemo before and after 8/11/2017,earning less gold and winning a lot less :< ). I feel like the gold income for many ap supports has been kinda gimped with kleptomancy being the only choice to compensate, but you lose out on good poke keystones. Most off meta builds handcrafted their rune pages to aid them in thir early game weaknesses (ie. Mp5 on brand, my gp10 on teemo, attackspeed for onhit offmeta junglers and such). The whole new system, while it seems versitile on first glance, actually feels like a pidgeonhole compared to the choices we had before. Playing off meta seems generally disheartening right now in my opinion. I could completely minmax my runes and masteries to cover my chapions weaknesses, but now almost all of the runes work only to amplify strengths. I can't even call it "runes reforged", runes are dead. Welcome to the new masteries boys :( Your opinions? (Discussion-based, please <3)
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