Items are too strong

I play a custom 1v1 against someoe with 140 less wins than me. He plays {{champion:114}} and I play {{champion:238}} ... So in the start he gets first blood because he purely outdamaged me by jumping in my face and autoattacking. He stays in lane for a long time farming and now he has one item when I do not even have half an item. Then again he jumps at me, I press R, {{summoner:4}} , W E on him, basic attack once and hit all my 3 Qs plus an {{summoner:14}} on top of that while completely oupaying him and he still wins by after walking in my face and autoattacking once. He only won because he had {{item:3074}} . Just what is this game? Because you do more damage than someone you are supposed to win even though you are literaly unskilled af. Wow Nerf all items. Literaly they make the game no fun and make the problems with feeders a lot worse. Because someone on your team (in most cases) play really bad, means that you also will lose. Nice fucking job Rito.
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