I'm disappointed by your decision Riot...

First they killed the Devourer Ranged Jungler (Vayne,Kayle etc.) by making Devourer's Unique passive apply for the fourth AA for ranged champs.And now, they are killing {{item:3713}} ?! So no more off-meta picks in the jungle that need pink smite to sustain in the earlyG.I'm so sad that this is true.Because I really like picking off-meta champions for the jungle , maybe I'll go devourer, or whatever.Riot you ruined my dreams...You ruined stuff like {{champion:38}} {{summoner:11}} , {{champion:201}} {{summoner:11}} , or any off-meta picks for the jungle that need earlyG sustain in the jungle, and they used to get that sustain from {{item:3713}} .However off-meta picks for the jungle can still clear the jungle without {{item:3713}} , but they would take WAAAAAY more damage in the earlyG with {{item:3715}} {{item:3706}} or anything that isn't {{item:3713}} TL:DR; R.I.P {{item:3713}} also R.I.P off-meta picks for the jungle.
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