Karma's old Fans/Weapons/Casting

This poll had over 8k people wanting to give karma her Fans back where she used them as a caster https://www.change.org/p/riot-games-give-karma-her-flappers-back https://twitter.com/Map_Skins/status/743861261973102593 I always loved the use of a Geisha Fan as a weapon. The first time I saw it was in Avatar and i thought it was the coolest, the idea of people using fans as weapons were like such a unique concept https://zippy.gfycat.com/DeterminedHomelyGreathornedowl.webm And then Riot came along and made a fricking fan wielding mage that casts spells with fans as her weapons that was the coolest ever. Riot is busy remaking champion models with their walking animations and updating the VU's of so many champions. This is the time for Karma to get back those elegant fans and regain her glory. Please support this Post and make a lot of her fans very happy!

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