Ten VERY Simple Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Results

so I was browsing through reddit when I found these tips given by _ TheRealRosey_ in this discussion :https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/37gnvb/ten_very_simple_tips_that_will_greatly_improve/ And I thought providing them on these boards where alot of players go might help you guys so yeah 1)When behind, stop fighting. Grouping and looking for team fights when behind will just put you further behind. Farm lanes to keep the from pushing in. Ward up and look for catches. The other team will throw, just give them the chance. 2)Stop chasing. If you don't have vision where you a going to, and beyond, stop chasing kills. Let your opponent escape and go back to farming. 3)Objectives > Kills. 4)Keep side lanes pushed. Don't push too far without vision, but keep them pushed to the river. 5)Buy Pink Wards. One well placed pink can last an entire game. They are worth. Warding is NOT the sole responsibility of support. 6)Pay attention to pings. 7)Understand split pushing. When you have a split pushing champ, let them do their thing. Group, don't fight 4v5 and wait for the enemy to send more than one for the split pusher. Then seize your advantage to win fights and push objectives. DO NOT go running to the split pusher when the enemy sends 2-3 after him. 8)Your kill total is meaningless. Great you had 12 kills. But you had 11 deaths, so you gave away as much gold as you earned. 9)After that first inhib, rotate. Unless you are sure you can end the game, stop grouping and running down mid after you get that inhib. Rotate to side lanes and get the other inhibs. Makes baron and ending MUCH easier. 10)Upgrade and Use your trinket
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