Can we talk about this?? || ZAP CRITING

JINX W CAN CRIT?! 1500+ Hits! BROKEN?!
Recorded in PBE! I also had full Lethality runes! Thanks for all the subs, likes, comments and shares! Helps me a lot! Send me your replays here: Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Subreddit!
Oh well, what to say?? I was just starting my game and i lauched youtube (Yes, i've seen vandrill's vídeo before) But as a weaboo i am, i was doing fine until i saw Nightblue-senpai had a jinx jungle vídeo... Ok, Ok, she is getting a buff... Whats the big deal... The big deal is, She crits for 1k+ in squishy champs... And still around 700 on tank ones... Im not a rage kid, since i mean, if i look the things right, its one perma ban, wich means people have more chance to not ban my Yasuo now {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} But still, i think this is a pretty dumb buff... Just like katarina's one, having her ult with 15 seconds late game, means she can stand still for 5 seconds ulting if the first ult (or when she is using the first ult) someone on the enemy team dies... But just like jinx, another perma ban, another ban people wont waste on Yasuo :') But i want to hear other people's oppinion... Yeah, i know some adc main will say "But adc's are weak, they buff jinx so people have more adc's to play, not just varus, cailtyn, vayne and jhin, and so they wanna make jinx able to stay safe and poke in TF, but she will still get rekt by any zed/rengar who jumps on her" (I agree with this) But, lets hear what other people have to say... --- What you guys think about Jinx and Kata's Buffs??? --- (Yeah, kata is a buff, no matter what you say)
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