Low elo is impossible to be carrieed

So, basically 1 player can't win your game, but 1 player can throw your game every single time. That's impossible to be carried, when I was smurfing in bronze it was easier to carry, but silver 1/ gold elo is impossible to be carried... Tryndamere top vs Rammus losing the lane and trashtalking the jungler for no ganks. I tried everything from Twitch jg to Master yi and Kha Zix. They always throw it mid to late game in team fights. I am outcsing my opponents, almost everygame 15+ kills still uncarriable. Now you will say:"No man you should not be selfish you should play with your team and let them the kills" If i follow them, they are that stupid that will fight in the jungle against Miss fortune and Leona and things like that... I am taking all the drakes, I am going for rift herald pushing how much I can idk what to say guys. This game isn't teamgame in Low elo. Please tell me what to do, check my op.gg whatever but i can't do this anymore it's not even fun.
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