Low piority queue's...

The other day i play playing as normal with my premade and I randomly DC'd and was unable to connect, So i looked on forums and it had been happening to alot of people, suspected its something to do with drophackings. Fair enough, i can live with that. But the next time i log in it says leavebuster has put me into low priority queue's and since that day I have been losing 95% of games, having the MOST TOXIC players ive ever seen, and every single game is so one sided it seems like ive been grouped with the scum of league on my team vs a perfectly normal and ordinary team. I've dropped 3 league's in a row with maybe just 1 or 2 wins, and these games are LITERALLY unwinnable, i promise you. So my question is, do low priority queue's match you with similar low priority players whom are usually toxic trash
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