Rageblade build path rage-rant

Can someone explain to me the thought process of the new Rageblade? I see a lot of posts whining about how the nerf hit it really hard. Let`s be fair though, that 1 item spiked the win ratio of AS champions dramatically. I have to admit that Rageblade had it coming and i saw this nerf from miles away. BUT enough about this all i want to understand is: WHY IS THE BUILD PATH SO RETARDED? I mean look at it... NEW RAGEBLADE: +10 AP +5 AD +Devourer Proc -5 dmg per hit (this is increased by AD and AP) => up to -20 dmg per hit -16% AS (2 stacks) -6 AD (2 stacks) -8 AP (2 stacks) NO Priority for Melee -800g In order words you only get 2 AP and the Devourer proc ALL THIS at the cost of huge extra stats and 800g... Fine, i understand it needed a nerf and I am OK with it. I really am. HOWEVER: (rage inc) Why the fuck does the new Rageblade build out of Recurve Bow and not HAVE PASSIVE AS ??? Can someone please fucking explain me that? **I AM PAYING 700g FOR AN ITEM AND IM GETTING THE STATS IT HAS THROUGH STACKS???** What the actual fuck... My point is: either fix the build path of the item (remove Recurve Bow) OR add 25% AS passive on top of all the stacks. Seriously none in QA noticed that you`re paying for an item without receiving the stats? If that is the case how about we remove ARP from the upgraded Last Whisper or HP from Sunfire. Rageblade at this point is the ONLY item that does this and the ONLY item that did this apart from Mardred ever since S1 (you may remember Mardred losing the 450 dmg proc for 4% health dmg). I beg you RIOT, fix this... Thanks!
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