Some suggestions to help against AFK Players

These aren't solutions to the problem of AFK players but they will reduce the frustration. 1. Have the Surrender Time decrease by 4/5 minutes for each AFK player present. This will reduce the frustration of having someone AFK at the 10 minute mark and you either have to wait 10 minutes to surrender or for the enemy team to finish (which is unlikely). 2. ~~Have the AFK system instantly register someone as AFK the moment they disconnect/leave (not wait 5 minutes for them to return). Failed surrenders will less likely occur due to AFK players not being registered by the system, and the AFK system will punish those who decide to AFK in the last 1/2 minutes of the match instead of ignoring them because it hasn't registered they as AFK yet. HOWEVER if the person reconnects within an allotted time (5 minutes), they will not be punished by the system.~~ 3. Can the Leaver-Buster warning be removed. It's pretty much a timer for Trolls/Ragers telling them to move again or be kicked (whilst **STILL** ruining the game). I don't see how the warning may benefit any positive player as they are not going to be AFK in the first place. 4. Can the Leaver-Buster be made to register those who simply move around in the Fountain, doing nothing. Any player who is in the Fountain for 5+ minutes yet still moving is definitely a troll/rager. They are ruining the game yet bypassing the system because moving is all that's needed to bypass the system. These are just suggestions, what do you think?
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