Zyra - The new Yorick?

It had been a while since I played League and I recently came back to it. I had heard about this mage update and I looked into it to make sure I knew what I'd be playing against. Today was my first game against the new Zyra, and I hated every second of the game. I was playing Viktor, being cautious and just attempting to farm throwing out the occasional Laser. However upon reaching level 5 Zyra was able to chunk me for over 3/4s of my HP with a single Q and 3 seeds, the sheer amount of pressure the Seeds placed on me made it extremely hard to get CS, this reminds me of Yorick, the champion Riot deemed to be "Anti-Fun" due to the constant Ghoul Spam which denied farm to the opponent and currently I see Zyra in the same light. Her seeds create so much pressure and force you to play a whole different style so that you won't feed. Her Q doesn't even need to hit the Seeds, just be used near them to create plants...
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