Here is a very simple trick how to improve your gameplay: USE STATISTICAL KNOWLEDGE

~~Just an example: Jungle-Fiddlesticks page on ~~ ~~Scroll down the page to the "most common (MC) builds" and the "highest win% (win) builds". If you don't want to, I give you the summary:~~ * ~~The difference between the MC and the win masteries is 4%~~ * ~~The difference between the MC and the win runes is 8%~~ * ~~The difference between the MC and the win starter items is 8.5%~~ ~~Look, I am not saying: "blindly follow these builds". But not using statistical knowledge such as this..well...whats the reason not to use it? Its right there, one click with your mouse.~~ ~~Give me a rational reason why you would not follow something, for which there is credible evidence of it being BETTER. Just one rational reason. That's all I ask the naysayers to give me.~~ Edit: Okay, you know what? I no longer care. From the comments below I can clearly see: People don't want advice. So do what you want. Build what you want. Go follow your dreams, go follow some super fun-and-awesome mobafire build written by a gold V with 250k upvpotes who would totally be challenger if not "his teams all those feed trollers afk" held him back ^^ Just do me and the others a favor: Next time you are about to write a "QQ this champ so op plz nerf" or "QQQQQ why no out ELOhell i deserve dia!!!!!": Stop and think about this and other threads, that tried to help you. I am out. -frantic
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