Why are these "missions" so simple and easy?

>Win a game. >Win a game. >Win 2 games. >Win 5 games. That is what those "Missions" basically are. Why are they so, hmm, simple? Everyone gets them done pretty easily even without reading the Missions, just by playing couple of games. Like this one, "In a Flash": "Win 3 games while equipping Flash". Why does it have to be the one summoner spell (almost) everyone uses every single match? Why isn't the mission "For the sake of Clarity": "Lose 3 games while equipping Clarity"? Or something like "Place 1000 wards using the *support item*". Something which requires anything else but just normally playing couple of average games. Maybe "Get 100 kills on top lane"? These would be too much for casual players, but you don't HAVE TO casualize every single thing. I don't mind too much about these Missions. I don't need better ones either. Current ones just feel like a bad joke, a useless shit.
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