Just keep on trolling.

Just afk all games whenever i see premade refuse in ranked or simply got matched as bronze vs platinum. Everyone is trying to defend something that is clearly broken and needs to be adjusted. If i am matched vs platinum then i shouldnt be bronze or platinum platinum. This is what happens when you try to balance premade trash with wide rank difference. Seems that season 2020 will be a lottery win but that is true for the last two season and premade carry trash gaems. Jsut afk such games and i promise you next season balance will be fixed pronto. Whats also annoying is communistiic ban system where u cant say a thing as for everythung there is ban waiting for you. So Enlighten me how riot has any intention at balancing or at least improving game as it is now? There is no intention otherwise ppl wouldnt be banned for stupid stuff. Enjoy broken mess as the game is now at least for solo players casue premade refuse is at home.
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