Another Aatrox rant (Riot, please!)

Ok, so... finally got around to playing the new Aatrox. I have been a fan of the Darkin champs. Here are my thoughts on the rework. First I will list the pros about him. What to... keep.. imho. (FYI, you can make counter arguments all you like, THIS is MY opinion, so if it's painful to read for you, suck it up, I really don't care.) His looks are generally amazing. The fact that he doesn't run, but walks makes him seem terrifying. Like Jason Voorhees chasing his teenage prey. No reason to rush when you are going to kill them, right? Awesome! Was in game with Rhaast and both moving at the same speed, Rhaast looked hasty, while I looked calm and collected. His sword is great too, with the pulsating glow effect. Great job on the visuals. His ult is the best however, when you get superhuge, the enemy knows you should gtfo. That brings me to the cons... Gtfo is easy with Aatrox. Let's start with his cc, the W. It's a skill shot. Something that should be rewarding with skill. However, when you can simply run out, it's useless. I had a Taric running away from me with all his abilities on cooldown. I hit a W on him, easy enough, but he kept running and NOTHING HAPPENED. Note that given the fact that he was running away from me and he walked in a straight line, Taric ran through the largest portion of the CC zone and escaped. When targeted by a little bit of CC, even with merc treads, Aatrox is literally useless. Against Amumu and Cassiopeia I could do literally nothing whatsoever. I had to ult in at full health just to make use of the revive, because I'd instantly get CC'ed to death upon engaging. Laning phase was ok, but that was 1v1. In the mid game, either you get ahead or feed. I was ahead in kills that game and still fed my ass off because of this CC chain extravaganza. Dont even get me started on his Q's. The time in between when you can use them is too long. The 1,2,3 combo you can pull off is not a combo, it's a series. Instead of 1,2,3, it's more like 1..... 2...... 3...... Yes, the damage is ridiculously spicey, especially if you E before the third. but when you run out of range after you do the first, good luck getting it to the third! E doesn't do much of anything. quick mini dash? Can't be used simultaneously for a longer dash, no you have to wait. W, you have to wait for it to hit and pull them in. Q, you have to wait in between strikes. This is what makes Aatrox feel so incredibly " clunky". He is slow looking, his abilities can't be instantly chained like old Aatrox. Where you could Q in, E to slow, AA, Titanic, have W up the whole time and with guinsoos basicly zerg your opponent down. Or any other (older) combo of items you could use on him. Use the W on healing to keep bloodwell stacks at 4, then unleash everything upon going damage and go HAM on your opponent. One more thing. The W is not only stupid as all hell, it's also, from what I know about Aatrox, tonally not fitting at all. Chains? Cheap shot at giving him CC. He is a monster of war. Where he goes, people just DIE by the hundreds. He is raw power, indomitable, unstoppable. Even a fear effect would be better than chains. Chains are for masochists and "people" who can't do shit with needing to bind their opponents. Apparently, that's what Aatrox is right now, despite his looks. A whimp who can't hit shit and needs to hold you in place. Make Aatrox GREAT. Before his rework hit, he was finally in a good spot. After YEARS of being in the dark as one of the worst champs out there. This ...thing... doesn't feel like Aatrox. Aatrox is dead to me.
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