yasuo salt

i cant play vs a yasuo i just cant all i do vs a yasuo in the laning phase is just trying to dig myself out of a mountain of salt wile getting my ass handed to me by a base laser type champ i dont know what it is but the unrelenting fear of him combined with his kit and his flamy adidtude makes me pissed and knowing that if you give him 1 kill or a farm lead he will snowball out of controle and 1v5 us all i feel like i cant make a single mistake or i singlehandedly loose the game and by being on edge i play worse then i normaly wuld it annoyes me to see the replays and know i wuld have won lane if i had just calmed the fuck down and did this or that whatever can you guys plz give me some tips on how i can stay calm vs a champ i totaly despise or am i the only one who feels like this when facing a champ cus its only with a yasuo that i cant keep my cool and i never have fun vs him can you ple help i want this game to stay fun ty :D
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