Wtf is happening with the MMR system ?!?!

Ok let me just go straight.In like 30-40 games,no matter if normal/aram/one for all i keep getting opponents,which are 1,2 divisions higher than me and a team full of silver 5 or even bronzes...WTF is this Feces ??? Is it so hard to make a system,which will allow only max 1 higher division to join.Like every time i play agains diamonds,they just rekt the feces out of me and thats just game-breaking.You might say "they are premade with low elo" then i dont care make it so that diamonds wont be able to join with silver/golds ...i dont care if a diamond player has recruited a friend to play with.That is game breaking.After all,people blame the toxicity in-game as if its the "game-breaking mechanism",while i have to play agains diamond zed players as gold 5.Get your priorities straight.I can always mute and report a toxic person,but i cannot kick a diamond 3 player out of the game,where he does 1vs3 easily.Oh boy there are often times where 3,4 higher elo join .. and nonetheless there is of course a kid who wont surrender for 4/1 and bump the surrender call and lets spend some more time dying ..It is not fun anymore.Game after game fking 200 lvl + nolifer diamonds join who just beat the crap out of you.I usually wont make a thread about it but boy i got pissed so hard.
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