Azir nerfs

**Tl;Dr: This is my QQ thread so I can whine about the stupid Azir nerfs that weren't needed. Blah blah blah whine about ult nerf, blah blah blah, Riot's balance team sucks.** Why would you nerf this champion? This champion is hard to abuse unless you are strong as him, he's got a VERY high skill cap, is difficult to learn, has a difficult skillset with difficult to learn combo's and yet you choose to nerf one of the core pieces of his kit he uses to outplay, his wall, the duration down from 5/6/7 seconds to THREE. That's just fucking stupid. The W nerf and the movespeed were more than enough, but lowering his wall to three? No wonder nobody bloody plays this champion anymore, I found him and fell in love, and this nerf is probably going to break this champion for me due to the sheer lack of outplays I can now do due to the tiny TINY length of time that his wall is up now. Seriously disappointed once again in the massive failure that is Riot's balance team.
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