Another "I dont want to play support all the time" thread

I play primary Jungle, secondary support. if I queue support as my secondary I am support 99% of the time. This is a MASSIVE problem. A few weeks ago I did a test, and I did **44 GAMES IN A ROW AS SUPPORT WITH IT AS MY SECONDARY.** This has forced me to pick mid as my secondary. Now I suck at mid. This is not a good thing for me or my team. This also increases the queue times for EVERYBODY, because there is one less support queuing up. If I have support as my secondary the queue is INSTANT, it doesnt even try to find me a game where I can jungle. All I want is a 50/50 chance of getting either jungle or support. Is this too much to ask? This is my 5th thread on this problem, and zero acknowledgement that this is even an issue. There was something about role selection in the round table discussion video you guys did, and I had to laugh when you you guys said I would have to give up role selection for other things, I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN UP ROLE SELECTION. Sort this out, it is ruining the game for me and many others like me who queue with support as thier secondary.
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