Question about Blue essence... Am I Missing Something??

Please tell me if I'm wrong about any of the information below because I don't know if I'm missing something, but you can not earn blue essence from each game you play like you did with IP, so the only way to do it is to level up and get those capsules, but, the capsules themselves do not drop blue essence, they only drop champion shards and skins, so how exactly do we earn blue essence???? I have leveled up twice, the first capsule contained 3 90BE champ shards and a 270BE shard, the second contained only a 630BE shard, Totaling 1170, sounds good until I worked out how much IP I would've earned for the same amount of matches, around 1600... As we level up, we have to play more and more games for the XP, and so we would loose more and more BE equivalent, plus the fact that you apparently get more skin shards at higher levels which disenchant into orange essence and not blue, compounding the loss. So lets say I want a new champ that's coming out, I can not buy RP because the exchange rate is ridiculous and it would cost me way too much, so I try to farm the BE, say 6300 a couple weeks after its released, I would have to play an exponentially increasing number of games per level, hoping that RNG is good and I get champs worth more BE rather than less while also hoping that I do not get champ shards for other champs I want so that I can disenchant the max number of shards per level, and then if, in future, if I try to farm an amount of BE again, I would have to play any number more games because of the increased XP required per level and the greater chance of skin shards, **basically what I'm getting at is that eventually it will be worthless to farm BE because of diminishing returns... **You can not even use the champion shards you are earning to get new champions because they too take BE to upgrade into permanents. Seems to be that Riot has adopted the pay to play stance here, if you try to farm, eventually it will become worthless to do so, meaning that if you want new champions you have to buy RP. Please correct me if I am wrong and missing something here, I would really like to be wrong...
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