AKALI isn't an assassin anymore?

Fact is that my all-time favorite champion doesn't work as an assassin which is her primary role. When people start to play an assassin champion as FULL tank (top) and do BETTER than people who play it as ap burst assassin (mid) then you know something is wrong. This is fact, because if you check win-rates on champion.gg, you can see that ap mid akali has 46.5%, and tank top akali has 51%. This is so wrong. So basically why pick {{champion:84}} ap mid when you can just pick {{champion:55}} on mid and perform better due to her recent buffs? Yea {{champion:84}} got the buffs few patches ago, but I can't even feel those buffs, as they buffed energy restoration and speed of ultimate which was never a problem, I don't even consider those as buffs, {{champion:84}} rarely has energy problems. In this assassin patch riot buffed most of assassins and even gave OP item for AD assassins, but totally forgot about {{champion:84}}. {{item:3070}} rip akali mid. {{item:3070}} http://imgur.com/z054IoW -Does she look like tank champion or assassin champion?

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