Rhea the Forgotten Shadow [Champion Suggestion][WIP]

Rhea, the forgotten shadow http://i.imgur.com/8EutBBg.jpg >Lore: >----------------------- >They say that as you close your eyes for the final time, you see a great and mysterious light; that which connects Runeterra to the divine beyond. They couldn't be more wrong, there are those that do no realise that when the final shutting of the eyelids is upon you, all that remains for you is to be forgotten unto nothingness. >There are those that have a legacy ofcourse, but it does not mean that the person is truly remembered. A legacy is only what a selfish rule wants his subjects to believe of him; a final and dying act of control and possesion from beyond the grave. No one is truly remembered; most of all I. >It was midsummer in what is now known as the Shadow Isles, The Summer Breeze pleasantly ruffled the budding and verdant foliage that burst forth from the trees; each emerald bough swaying warmly in the wind. For the past 3 months I had waited for my suitor, Avernus, to return from his voyage to the warmer sands of Shurima. He had promises of Gold and a life of leisure laced upon his tongue when we spoke prior to his departure. I had no parents to support me at the time, but I made a living from the farm I tended to and kept the soils tilled and plants watered so as to ensure the harvest would be good to me; as I to the land. >As harvest fell, cruel fate had willed my crops to wither and die and my livestock to malaise. I turned to eating the rotten husks of the fruit trees I hoped to sustain myself from in order to keep starvation at bay. I had nothing, cold and hungering I waited, and ached for the return of my love, my saviour. When I finally had found Salvation, as Avernus returned to my house upon the hill, I was aglow with the joy as I gazed upon his sun-bronzed face; his pockets full and fat with the spoils of a mysterious and foreign land. Though when he came inside, he brought only cold news that wracked the desolate reaches of my already tumultous and strained heart. Another Woman. The marriage off. Nothing to do with myself again. I begged him to spare a coin so that I may venture out of Nowhere and start over, if not for me then for the child I was bearing. Still he did not spare us. I looked into his eyes for the final time, deeper than I had ever so done before and I did not even see my own reflection within them. I was forgotten. >My bones grew closer to the surface of my pale and dying skin, I had only the comfort of the salted streams that gently flowed from weeping eyes. Eventually I passed away, yet still my soul remained here. I will find you Avernus, I will forget you. >I will forget you all. ------------------------------------ >http://i.imgur.com/dQQezq7.png Passive: Let the dark take you - Rhea's attacks mark her enemies with stacks of let the dark take you. At 5 stacks the target is classed as 'alone in the dark' Enemies that are alone in the dark suffer bonus affects at the hands of Rhea's spells and have their vision radius reduced to their > attack range, however her abilities consume the debuff. -------------------------------- > http://i.imgur.com/b7HNUjh.png >Q: Shadowcarve - Rhea pulls in all enemies in a frontal cone, before rooting herself and damaging enemies in the area of effect every .5 seconds for 1.5 seconds. Alone in the darkness - Each time enemies are damaged by Shadowcarve,they take a bonus 25% damage over time from each carve, over 5 seconds. > Cone Length: (250/300/350/400/450 unit long) Damage: 35/55/75/95/115(+35% of Attack Damage) physical damage every 0.5 seconds. 18/17/16/15/14 second cooldown. 50/55/60/65/70 mana cost --------------------------------- >http://i.imgur.com/gxEc3SY.png > W: Midnight Reaper - Rhea teleports to the target location. > Alone in the Darkness - If Rhea teleports onto an enemy affected by Alone in the Darkness, Rhea slows >enemies hit by 99% for 1 second and deals a bonus 7/8/9/10/11% of their missing health as magic damage. > Range: 900 units Damage: 15/40/65/90/115(+100% Attack Damage) to the target enemy. > Resets Rhea's attack timer > Applies on hit affects if an enemy who is Alone in the Darkness is hit; > 19/18/17/16/15 second cooldown > 90 mana cost. ----------------------------- >http://i.imgur.com/08JLh1U.png >E: Lucid Veil - Rhea briefly stealths and empowers her next attack 3 attacks to deal decreasing bonus damage. > Alone in the darkness - If you use the first attack to deal damage against a target who is Alone in the >Darkness, your stealth will break after 1 second and you will gain 30% bonus magic penetration on the first instance of >damage. > > Stealth duration: 3/4/5/6/7 seconds > First attack bonus damage: 80/120/160/200/240(+100% ability power) Magic Damage. > Second attack bonus damage: 40/60/80/100/120(+50% ability power) Magic Damage. > Third attack bonus damage: 20/30/40/50/60(+25% ability power) Magic Damage. > 34/30/26/22/18 second cooldown. > 60/65/70/75/80 mana cost. --------------------------------------------- >http://i.imgur.com/IVqIpgP.png >R: Forgotten - Rhea removes the target enemy from their allies memory, causing them to become invisible, invulnerable to allied effects and untargetable by their allies. Lasts 3 seconds. > Can only be cast on targets that are Alone in the Dark. > If the target dies, their death timer is increased by 15 seconds. >110/100/90 second cooldown. >120 mana cost ------------------------------------------------- Statistics HEALTH 531 – 2061 ATTACK DAMAGE 54 – 113 HEALTH REGEN. 9.8 – 19.2 ATTACK SPEED [*] 0.625 (+0% – 61.2%) MANA 266 – 1031 ARMOR 26.5 – 91.1 MANA REGEN. 8.1 – 18.3 MAGIC RES. 32.1 – 53.4 MELEE 125 MOV. SPEED 340 Rhea plays as a melee assasin who uses her high mobility kit and unique passive to leave her enemies without a trace on the battlefield. Her main strengths lie in her ability to bait out enemy damage with a dazzling display of movement and illusion. I will no analayze her spells further! \o/ Her passive allows her to quickly leave an enemy senseless and unaware of their surroundings, however since it needs time to build Rhea can't keep her target blinded throughout the entire game and can't blind mulitple foes at once due to the reset effect. It offers counterplay because she needs to harass you on a very frequent basis to keep 'Alone in the Darkness' active and will require a larger that average amount of dedication to a single target in order to be 100% effective. This in turn offers lots of counterplay for targets who aren't affected by Alone in the Darkness and gives her movements a level of predicatability. If you're marked with Alone in the Darkness it's probably you she's gonna try and delete. Rhea's first ability is a frontal cone short range pull that roots Rhea and starts a 1.5 second channel of face melting goodness. The damage output on this ability is significantly high, and offers her a good way of sticking to a target. I would consider Shadowcarve to be the best ability to be the strongest damage spell for Attack-Damage building Rhea as it lets her commit a very powerful attack. Ofcourse there is counterplay in the fact she is rooted, which means she can accidentally commit to a missed spell or worse, commit in a very bad position. Rhea's second ability, midnight reaper, is her main chasing tool. It let's her stick to targets relatively well, and over a very large range. It's great for denying escapes from the likes of Teemo, Wukong and Rive who are all equally mobile, the damage aspect also strains the enemies ability to turn around and start bashing you. Ofcourse. Midnight Reaper may just result in Rhea's death if she's baited out of a safe position by a low health enemy. and spells like Zhonya's Hourgalss and Barrier will enable her opponents to easily fight back. Lucid veil is her third ability and is the core side of her ability power scaling. Potentially offering very high damage output with an ability power focused build, she could more than likely do quite well. Her only downside to this is the fact that she can be blinded and and taunted into wasting the attacks, moreover if she decides to fully invest in ability power non of her other seplls will necessarily give her much to finish off a target, as if the enemy is still alive after those 3 attacks there'll be hell to pay, which will likely involve Rhea getting blown up. Her ultimate ability is both strong an unique, but require an enemy to have committed to fighting her or vice versa. It highly rewards success and it fiercely punishes failure. All in all, Rhea is a strong melee assassin well both unique and archetypal strengths and weaknesses. She cannot instakill tanks, and she is paticularly vulnerable herself. She doesn't necessarily have a large set of survivability skills and has to be careful about selecting her chances to move into posiitions using her abilities and must make her kills count, otherwise she will be quickly shut down. She has the potential to carry exceptionally well, as she is able to temporarily remove a carry from the hands of their allies and can then prolong their removal from the battleground by extending their death timer considerably. This will make kills from Rhea's ultimate very strong towards late game and will make her feel more valued outside of her ability just to burst an enemy down, as she adds more meaningful gameplay decisions to her kit and allows for her design value to deviate away from someone who just instagibs and deals an unspeakable amount of damage whilst moving super fast around the map. More over, she is able to stick to her core theme of forgetting people. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoyed reading about Rhea as much as I did making and designing her.
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