Why is there a f*cking lucien in 9/10 games?

I go away from LOL for a week. I get back have one game. Another Lucien. Gets 8-0 after 8 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. 8 kills, 1 per minute. I destroy Olaf top which isn't easy for Garen at all. Bottom gets steamrolled game lost in about 20 minutes. I honestly don't know what's more broken the champion or the matchmaking. Any sane, reasonable, normal person would be safe after 1/2 deaths but 8-0? Either the champion is overpowered or RIOT@s ability to asses a person's MMR is utterly shyte. And I will add I got demoted because of this. Every game a Lucien. Every game Team A either dominates. Or Team B dominates. I'm losing the will to live, I'm actually considering stopping serious ranked play all together and in doing so will ruin the game for another 4 people each time I play. There's just no point being serious. Something is very very wrong with this game right now and I don't think RIOT care at all because their Chinese owners Tencent just want skin money and they know they have a player base to milk.
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