Ranked is full of shit..

Im so sick and tired, doing well and someone ruin my hard work.. Im not talking about bad players, Im talking about worse than bad.. the kind of player who sits top or bot 24 minutes asking for ganks and never assist you in a single object or even look at his minimap, he joins the teamfight only to %%%%in die without having no idea of what he is doing without having a single impact on the game.. he doesnt even try to combo or peel.. Feeding is fine as long as you can help your team with objectives, I remember last time I fed was because i was camped and i got dived, but we still managed to win the game couse my jungler was a premade and we communicated every single time they ganked me I was doing bad but I wasnt behind in farm or in dmg and I made a tripple later in the game.. Another annoying fact is when you worked so hard to get the advantage you want and tell your team to back off because we already took what we want, they dont back off and die in the end Im "toxic" I clearly remember setting up all their plays warding everysingle dragon 10 seconds before it spawns engaging and absorbing and dealing dmg, plus wasting atleast 2 flashes.. The way I see it the only way their game lasted so long because I knew everysingle mistake the enemy made, and worked twice as hard than our jungler to have some pressure and not give enemy anything for free and yet I become the toxic player.. and worst I got banned for 2 weeks.. I just have 1 question to admins, rioters, mods or whatever, why is there a mute option and chat option in the game??? If you intent to ban people for simply raging because they try hard 10 games and in 6 of the games they lose because of feeders and people with brain dmg who go thresh mid or play jungle without having a clue what to do.. probably some newbie thats trying new champion in ranked game, who doesnt pressure 20 %%%%in minutes by the time he shows in mid lane enemy already has 2 dragons and he instantly dies without doing a shit. Whats more tilting that when i have those games where i dominate but the team is not doing anything to pressure, i get camped by 3 people constantly, my mid laner just last hits at that time and jungler afk farming, without doing anything important like pressuring lane properly when enemy is missing, top lane is so far that you can probably afford to take dragon for free, take bot side of the jungle for free and you can even afford to gank bot.. and in the end someone tells me "GG Riven" because Im 6/5 and they havent done anything yet I even tp and when u look at the dmg dealt they havent even done as half as I did.. you could probably combine jungler and mid laner dmg and still not high as mine.. and these people babycrying over me because I couldnt carry 1 vs 5 is simply tilting and making you unleash all of the rage youve kept hidden for the last 20 games then everyone reports you because youre toxic.. Riot focuses on ragers but not on what provokes them, you really cant say "GG RIVEN" when you havent done as half as her then report her because you provoked her for not winning your game?? so please if you want to make this gameplay more positive remove chat after game and ingame.
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