Dynamic Queue vs Blind Pick [Discussion]

Ok, so this has been bugging me for a while. Why do some people still play Blind Pick when dynamic Q is statistically a superior queue? Sure in DQ the wait time is longer if you wanna play anything other than support but at least you are positive you will get one of the two roles you want, which goes to say that you want to play more than one role (looking at you mid yasuo mains), unlike Blind Pick where the only person that is guaranteed to get what they want is the first pick. This doesnt mean that no one gets what they want in Blind Pick, just that they are more likely not to get it considering all of the bans are assigned to one player. And naturally the banner might ban only those champions that pose a threat to him. This leaves the rest of their team exposed to potential hard counters which could have been prevented had more people had the access to bans, like they do in Dynamic Q. Logically, you are less likely to get hard counters if at least three people ban the champions that they find to pose a threat to them. Sure, in Blind Pick, you can let the first pick know that you want to ban a certain champion but nothing is forcing them to do it, so if you get a trolly first pick the chances of you getting that certain champ banned are slim. I understand that in Dynamic Q people can see what your team picks, and then pick corresponding counters if they get the upper hand ,but having in mind that the worst champions they can pick are already banned and that the pick order is not sudden this poses little to no issue. Not to mention the double afk check you go through in DQ, which resulted in significantly less afk people in your games. So these are the reasons why i think Dynamic queue is superior and Blind Pick is obsolete. I would like to hear an opinion from the other side of people that play and defend Blind Pick as well as more reasons as to why dynamic queue is better. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}

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