Why do i need s to get mastary lv6 or 7

I think it will be good to have another way to get mastary lv 6 or 7 becous i think im an ok riven main and im lv 5 with her. Onec i was 17 3 5 and i got A+ and i dont know what you need to do to get kills becous the enemy will just stay under tower or jump in only with the jng and some pople are realy good with some champions but they CANT get mastary lv 6 or 7. And some poeple get a good team adn the enemy team is bad so they get a lot of kills becous that 1 guy laged or that other guy is just trolling but its not fear for the good league player to dont get reworded if they cerry or the bad players to get rworded becous he got lucky. Leave your ideas down how can we get mastary lv6 or 7 without getting S.

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