Your daily reminder on Morde's AP Scaling

A full AP Morde combo (every spell hit with Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane) 1st Q = 20% AP 2nd Q = 60% AP 3rd Q = 180% AP Nashor's tooth proc x3 = 60% AP Lich Bane Proc X1 = 50% AP W max single target damage = 90% AP E Damage =60% AP R Damage = 4% AP + 35.5% of max HP Assuming the enemy was brain dead (like all silvers), you can do 524% AP Scaling with all of your spells at max level AND 35.5% of max HP. This is excluding any auto attacks or lich bane procs other than Q and it is assuming you land the entire W. A skilled player would actually get higher damage than this with auto attacks between spells and timing of spells to get more lich bane. Also this excludes the insane AD Scaling on the Q, which would matter greatly if he build Hextech Gunblade. P.S Nerf Mordekaiser Q
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