please for the love of god bring back the old crystal scar in custom games

Petition Bring back The Crystal Scar only In custom
Back in this days,when The Crystal Scar was alive, me and my friends played almost only "hide n seek",we used to play it for hours. When Riot declared that they going to remove this map, even for custom, we all pissed off so hardly, that caused 2 of my friends retired from LoL.
The hide and seek custom game mode was one of the best things I ever experienced in this game, it offered an incredible new way of playing the game as the goals and rules were completly different, and it was so untilting ( yeah thats the best word I could use) after a couple of defeats in ranked or normal games. Please, this game mode brought people of all ranks together to have a real fun time. I'm not a good writer but my heart sank when this gamemode was deleted and I really hope to see it come back one day, and not one of those "ascension" or "totally not dominion" thing, I know this is a lot to ask but so many people miss this gamemode and I do not see why simply putting this map in custom games would impact the game negatively. This petition was made a year ago and only got 9 signatures. I'm linking it now so please sign it if you too wish too one day experience hide and seek once again.
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