Someday Platinum IV will be mine.

I've been Platinum V for a while now after coming from Silver 3 start of season, and I'd say my game-play has improved massively. But! I just simply cannot get away from P5. I'll get 100lp promos but then fail it and then go back down to 0lp. I think the majority of my games failing is because you simply cannot do this game solo anymore, you literally have to team up as a 5 or it's a simple loss. I get so many games where some will just go solo and try to 1v3/4/5 constantly, then the entire team falls behind and it'll take some sort of godlike wombo to come back if that. Recently I had a Kayn in my team. He went enemy red to steal I think, and I was on the roam at the time. Noticed that he was going to get pinned by Lux and Amumu with Mundo on the rotation. So as Camille I went to baron pit to E over wall and instantly go for Lux as you do, and when I done that I noticed that Kayn used his E and basically peaces out instead of turning for a instant blow up kill. I had to waste my flash to get out of the situation that happen'd otherwise I would of died for it, but then 5 seconds later he goes back in! Takes a lot of damage, blows his flash and still dies. That's what I'm dealing with currently, and I just don't understand why! My games in MM don't even feel like Platinum ELO. I literally feel like my games are somewhere near Silver 3 again, if not lower. There's just so many moments where I literally put my palm through my face. I ask for tips and tricks all the time, but literally what does one do. You talk in chat and you're instantly labelled as a flamer. Which I am not.
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