Jungle Zac is my flavor of the month now. is it worth to put more effort into mastering him?

Yesterday i have played 3 ranked games as jungle Zac. Not that i am entierly new to the champion, but i wanted to take the dust of him (hextech rewards, cough, cough). And guess what? All these games went PRETTY DAMN WELL. Before these games i thought that Zac is strictly inferior to Gragas. However Zac has some undeniable strong points: - his ganks are strong (however telegraphed a bit) - his counterganks are DEADLY, as ganking oponenrts usually burn their dashes when chasing your teammate leaving them woth few resources to react to your slingshot when you jump on them) - he clears faster and has better sustain than most of the junglers, so when no gank opportunity arises he can go back to his jungle and farm (something that a lot of gank oriented junglers struggle with) - he actually scales very well (i have checked his ratios. damn, these are pretty damn high!). runic echoes helps with his initiations and his already pretty high burst damage. Also once he tanks up he can round up his build with{{item:3116}} to force his oponents to stick close to him when he is ulting. And still be pretty damn tanky guy. - last but not least- he is pretty safe when clearing with his good sustain and his passive. other tanks like Sejuani or Amumu have difficult times surviving an invasion. This is one thing that Zac does not have to worry that much about So, is my new found love for this champ irrational?
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