How to stop Garen?

Reason I'm writing as many of you have probably experienced is this ridiculous thing called Garen. I usually do MID and for example last game I was doing well as TF, had almost 4 items and about 8-9 kills and 4 deaths. I basically 1 shot adc but I cant do any dmg to Garen. He really cant be stopped. And its not only me, it takes my full team to kill 1 Garen and he still drops one or two down and runs away some of the times. As TF or LB i can only stun him and thats about it even though I am fed. Whats up with this? How can they make this champ so OP? What to buy as Mid laner to do dmg to Garen?? His defence Items cancel all my dmg items, and he deals extensively more dmg as a full tank WTF?! Its really impossible to play and I start wondering should I just say fu.k to this game... Any response would be appreciated.
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