LoL vs Dota 2

The only thing that makes me play LoL rather than Dota 2 is the feel that you're not really wasting time when playing. You win/you lose, you get ip, you buy champions/chromas, you get keys open chests, get skins. Anything else, sucks major balls compared to what's there. In LoL you don't have the feeling that you're in control when you play good, like you have in Dota, because here, one small mistake of a teammate can lose you the game, even when you're fed. In Dota 2, you get fed, you can basically control the whole game and snowball hard as hell. In LoL, meh ... you're just a bit stronger than the rest, even if you're hardcorely fed , people can still 2v1 you, in Dota 2 you can even 1v5. That's what sucks, you make us depend on our teammates, which in most cases are 10 year old kids playing yasuo or whatever flashy champion only because they seem cool. Individual skill is neglected hardcore here, unless you're abusing overpowered champions you're free to end up wherever your team is bringing you.
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