Heal and Ignite bot lane.

We have all seen it, an aggressive support takes ignite and an ADC takes heal. Why not the other way around? It would make sense. ADC wants kills, ignite makes kills. Support should save their ADC, heal is good at saving people. "But the ADC has less survivability when alone" If you are an ADC and you are getting into situations where you need heal to save you because you are alone, you are not playing safe enough. Only do your LCS big plays when you have a support to save your ass. If you are a support and your ADC is a bit 'special' then having the heal on you (the support) is probably good since you can save them easier. If you have ADC: Ignite and Supp: Heal everyone is happy, even in solo queue. Duo queue bot lane. Your pro synergy will allow you to time your spells better. You will know when one another wants a spell and then you will cast it for one another. As long as you have good communication, you will be 👌💯 Playing supp for a competent ADC: Your competent ADC will get more kills thanks to ignite, if he gets cocky and does risky plays you can save him. Lane should work as standard. Playing supp for ~~iGKid~~ an idiot: This lane will go better than usual, since you will be the one timing the heals. Assuming you don't suck, your heals should hopefully stop your ADC feeding so hard. Playing ADC with a good supp: Support will hopefully save you, you get kills. Lane will work as standard. Playing ADC with a bad supp: This could go better or worse than a usual lane. If you do decent in lane, it will be better since your supp will not be able to steal kills as easy. If you don't trade well in lane, RIP since your bad supp won't save you. UNTESTED! JUST SPECULATION!
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