How can I carry / help my lanes out as jungler when both top / Mid feed

So, I'm not perfect I know that, I'm a jungle main although I alternate top as well, using typically Xin Zhao (Level 7 Mastery), Mundo (Level 6 mastery), Hecarim (Level 6 Mastery) & Kha'Zix (just recently bought him so still figuring him out in bot games). Anyways, in ranked I do like to play "meta" champs for most of my games when I can and I usually come out quite well with like hecarim. Although I also play with Xin zhao since the very beginning when I joined (around S4) and majority of my games regardless if I win or lose my KDA will always be positive or break-even (e.g. 7/7/2 etc) (this is when I'm playing with xin zhao (current winrate of 56% according to What I want is some advice from the higher elo players reference jungling and how I can carry my team if other lanes have either a bad day or purposely troll. I'm currently bronze 4 and been going on a steep descent from where i gained up to bronze 3 and slowly get back down almost into bronze 5. Rank isn't important to me at the current moment in time as all I want to do is work my skills. My typical Jungle clear I use {{item:1039}} & {{item:2031}} and usually don't even touch {{item:2031}} for the entirety of the clear not until the end or if blue buff has gotten me down too far. I won't gank until I'm level 6-7 when I have got {{item:1400}} or close to it. Don't go giving me all the typical excuses like "Suck it up", "get better", "you're bronze" etc and the other typical stuff people say. I just want genuine advice on how I can carry the team. I like alot of junglers will also get flame. I personally like to adopt the method of letting the whole team know in champion select. If you flame me I'll mute you from the get go. And I stick by that, if people start flaming then I will immediately greet them with a vip package to my mute list. And then communicate via pings to that players & other players / warding and chatting in the chat to team e.g. to play safe, don't overextend. The typical usual warnings to laners as well as the ss calls and telling people to go back as I can see enemy jungler. And typical players who don't play jungle if we're losing they be like "0 drake jungler gg" or "0 ganks jungler top laner is fed gg" All my simple reply to that is, don't go blaming me for your own mistakes. The jungler is there as an addition for your lane. The jungler doesn't have to gank the lane and its your own fault if you decide to overextend and push your lane whilst also not warding your brushes. I'll happily ward them if I'm nearby and have a ward free. But if you feed that enemy laner when I'm on the opposite side of the map. Then its your own fault is all I can say. In regards to the "0 drakes jungler gg" comment again if the teammates. And I see this alot, if they decide to follow an enemy player (usually low health) in an unwarded enemy jungle. Then prepare yourself to be 9/10 baited into an ambush. Now if you do this directly near or in the vicinity of the drake or baron and obviously expect I'm not gonna get it as would you feel better if I went in on the dragon and didn't get the kill but I also award the enemy team an additional kill? The way I see it Jungler role will get flame no matter the state the game is in. If I gank and save you but take the kill then I'm gonna get flamed by you. If I gank and you got outplayed and I'm a little late into the fight but still get the kill. You'll flame me. If I'm late for the fight and I don't get the kill you'll still flame me. And equally if I come in and the enemy kills me for a double kill. You'll still flame me. But yeah more onto the purpose of this thread. What do fellow high elo players suggest in sorting out a solution to the above question of how to carry a team / push others to be carrying if 1 or more laners are feeding? Particularly top / mid?
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