So how do I actually get champions now(besides paying your employees' salaries)?

With the coming of season 8 we say goodbye to some really old systems, such as the runes,leveling and the IP system. In the new season Influence points and Blue essence are combined. We will no longer get IP(or the new BE) after each game, but only XP and after reaching the next level(uncapped) we will get a capsule with _ random_ SHARDS. Since with this system we are going to get more shards than we used to, it is only "Logical" that disenchanting the shard will give us less BE and there will be no more re-rolling 3 shards into permanent champ. So how do i fkin get new champs. We hated the old IP system because it made you play hundreds of hours to get the majority of the champion pool. It was as bad as a shitty MMO. Now we have to level up, get random (CHAMPION)shards(of some meaningful value=+4800)(hopefully) which we won't be very keen on, disenchant them for almost no value, do the same shit once again and THEN get the champs we are interested in. This is even worse than the shitty loot we see in games such as CSGO lol. This is extremely toxic and in the long run will lose you a lot of players.

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