NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have played against a riven with ignite. As Shen. And holy fuuuuuck. i did survive this. she pushed me to my tower tough. Left it. Pinged Mia. Pinged on top of my midlaner. Pinged million times. Ulted my midlaner when his oponent jumped her, Kept pinging back. Pinggs were ignored. Riven did nto even need to ignite my midlaner. Came back to my lane with blue, ignite ready and a kill under her belt. WHY DO I HAVE TO PLAY AGAINST SNOWBALLING RIVENS THAT I DID NOT FEED?! And that did not even dereve to be fed, just happen to capitalize on my midlaner's stupidity. I refuse to play such games. Fuck that i am used to lower priority. thank god for hearthstone
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