How much do you enjoy this game?

I'm really curious to know how much you enjoy this game? Personally I don't enjoy it anymore. I've been playing since 2012 and I remember how eager i was to play another game. Right now it's like an addiction. If you win, you want to play and win another. If you lose you want to play another to make up for that lose. I don't say i don't enjoy the game because the community is toxic. IT's always been toxic. Wherever there's competition there gotta be some toxicity. unless you take away any ways of communication. I don't enjoy the game because of the state it's in. The matchmaking is down the drain. the hidden mmr and rank placement is completely bullshiit as you never truly belong to your division. the games are dependent on the snow ball effect and there's rarely any chance of outplay or comeback anymore. the turrets no longer pose any threat to enemy. it's a team based game but never ever you learn anything about team play. just look at the qq threads that people complain about their rank and think they belong to a higher rank. In everyone of them you will see someone write you belong to your rank because of your skill. NO! This is not the case anymore. You're just one in a team of 5 against a team of 5. There's just so much you can do. the only time i enjoyed the game lately was during the urf. everyone was on try-hard mode but it was fun. you were trying to outplay your opponent. Win or lose you were learning something. A new trick, a new build. a new way to counter someone. of course there were bad games too, but the positive was outweighing the negative. I read on the official threads that they don't put urf in rotation too often because they see a spike in people leaving the game. of course they leave. after you do something fun, then you go to the shitthole called rank, you would quit it. I've been searching for a new game for some time now and the moment i find it i will permanently delete this game even though I've spent so much on it!
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